Akathist Rubrics

"According to the established practice, the Akathist is read by the priest in the middle of the church, before the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. While the 1st Kondak is being sung for the first time, the Royal Gates are opened, and the priest and deacon carry out a full incensation of the church , beginning with the altar; during the singing of the 1st Kondak at the beginning of the second, third and fourth sections of the Akathist, the deacon does the lesser incensation. At each reading of a section of the Akathist, the priest and deacon come out through the Royal Gates, which remain open; after the reading, they return to the altar, and the Royal Gates are closed. During the reading of the Akathist, the deacon continuously censes the lectern with the icon [of the Theotokos]".

Translated from "Bogosluzhebnyje Ukazanija na 2000 g.", pp. 205-206.

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