St John Maximovitch's Abbreviated method for reading the Sunday Kathismas at Matins in parishes.

On most Saturday evenings, Kathismas' two and three are specified by the typicon to be read as the First and the Second Kathisma readings at matins, respectively. St John's method shortens these readings to a single psalm, and repeats each 8 weeks, so that the entire set of psalms is read in the cycle.

Sunday Tone First Kathisma
Second Kathisma
Tone 1 9 17 (1-30)
Tone 2 10 17 (31-46)
Tone 3 11 18
Tone 4 12 19
Tone 5 13 20
Tone 6 14 21
Tone 7 15 22
Tone 8 16 23

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