Prayer to St Tryphon

(+250 AD)

Feb 1

O holy martyr of Christ Tryphon, swift helper of all that seek refuge in thee, and quick to intercede for those that pray before thy holy image!

Hearken now and at every hour unto the prayer of us thine unworthy servants, who venerate thy holy memory (in this all-holy temple erected to the praise of thy name, and in every place).

For Thou, O Saint of Christ, thyself hast promised before thy departure from this corrupt life, to pray to the Lord for us, and hast asked of Him this gift: if anyone in their any need or sorrow shall begin to invoke thy holy name, they shall be delivered from every instigation of the evil one.

And as thou didst once heal the ruler's daughter in Rome, who was tormented by the devil, so also preserve us from his cruel snares all the days of our life, moreover be thou our intercessor in the dread day of our last breath, when the dark visions of wicked spirits begin to surround and terrify us:

be then our helper and swift banisher of evil spirits, and our guide to the Kingdom of Heaven, where thou now standest with the choirs of Saints before the Throne of God;

pray the Lord, that He grant us also to be partakers of everlasting joy and gladness, that we may be found worthy together with thee to glorify the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for all ages. Amen.

Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email