Prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ, Crucified

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Creator of heaven and earth, Savior of the world!

Behold I, unworthy and most sinful of all, having humbly bent the knees of my heart before the glory of Thy majesty,

sing of Thy Cross and sufferings, and I offer thanks to Thee, the King of All and God,

for that Thou hast willingly borne all the labors and troubles, temptations and agony as a man, that Thou mightest be a

compassionate Helper and Savior to us all in every sorrow, need and distress.

I know, O Almighty Master, that all these things were not needful unto Thee, but rather that Thou didst bear the Cross and suffering for the salvation of mankind, that Thou mightest redeem us all from the enemy's bitter servitude.

And what shall I give Thee in return, O Lover of Mankind, for all that Thou hast suffered for the sake of me, a sinner?

I know not, for my soul and body and all my goods are Thine, and I am Thine.

Hoping only on Thy loving kindness which is beyond reckoning, O Merciful Lord, I sing Thine ineffable patience, I praise Thy condescension which is beyond words, I glorify Thy boundless mercy, I adore Thy most pure

Passion, and in love I venerate Thy wounds, and cry out:

Have mercy on me a sinner, and make Thy Holy Cross to be not without fruit in me, so that, partaking here of Thy sufferings, I may be granted to see also the glory of Thy Kingdom in heaven!


Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email

(Polny Sbornik Molitv, pp. 8-9)