Prayer to St. Savva, Abbot of the Storozhevsky Monastery

Dec 4 (1406 A.D.)

Holy, honourable and sacred head, citizen of the heavenly Jerusalem, thou habitation of the Holy Trinity, venerable father Savva!

As thou hast great boldness before the All-Merciful Master, pray for the flock of thy pasture and for all who are thy children in spirit; be not silent in crying out for them to the Lord, and despise not us who honor thee in faith and love.

Intercede with the King of kings to ask peace for the Church, militant under the Sign of the Cross; well-being for the Orthodox Christians; for the hierarchs, that they may serve as rightly becometh; for monastics, a good course in their ascetic efforts;

that [this monastery] , this city, and every city and land may be kept in safety, peace, free from strife, famine and pestilence;

consolation and refreshment for the old and infirm; a good growth in the faith for the young and infants, a firm instruction in the Gospel precepts, that they may remain pure and chaste; mercy and defense for the widows and


joy and restitution for captives; healing for the sick, and assurance for those weak in spirit; correction for those in error, and a contrite spirit for those who have fallen into sin;

unto those in troubles and adverse circumstances, aid in good time. Bring us not to shame who have recourse

unto thee; bid Godspeed, as a loving father unto his children, that we may bear the yoke of Christ with good spirit and patience; and guide us all to complete our life in peace and penitence as behooveth us, that we may

take up our abode, with hope, in the heavenly mansions, where thou now abidest, after thy labours and feats, with the Angels and Saints, seeing and glorifying God Who is glorious in the Trinity: the Father, and the Son,

and the Holy Spirit.


Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email