Prayer to St Sava Archbishop of Serbia

Jan. 12 (Russian calendar) or Jan. 14 (Serbian calendar)

Prayer I

Thou O sacred head, most glorious wonder-worker, Sava, hierarch of Christ, thou first in rank among the bishops of serbia, protector and enlightener, trustworthy intercessor for all Christians before the Lord: we fall down before thee and pray: grant us to partake of thy love for God and neighbor, the love with which, in life, thy holy soul overflowed.

Shed the rays of truth upon us, enlighten our mind and heart with the light of Divine teaching, teach us to be thy faithful in imitating thee, so as to love God and our neighbor and to perform the Lord's commandments without error, so that we too might be thy children not only in name, but in our whole life.

Pray, holy hierarch, for the holy Orthodox Church and for thy native land on earth, which honors thee alway in love.

Look down in thy loving kindness on each and every soul of those who honor thee in faith, seeking thy mercy and help; be unto us all a healer in our infirmities, a consoler in our sorrows, a visitor in our grief, a helper in our troubles and needs, and in the hour of our death, a merciful protector and defender, so that, aided by thy holy prayers, we sinners might be vouchsafed to inherit the salvation of the faithful and the Kingdom of Christ.

Yea, O Saint of God, bring not our hope to shame, for we place it firmly on thee; but rather shew us thy mighty intercession, that we may glorify and hymn God Who is wondrous in His Saints, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages.


Prayer II

Thou great decoration among hierarchs, father Sava, wise in God, we thy servants beseech thee and, falling down, cry out to thee: forsake not thy children, father, but be ever with us, as thou didst promise: so that we too might praise thee in songs as is right, might bless thee and glorify thy greatness and power, and offer thee a worthy song, crying out and saying:

We praise thee, O Hierarch!

We sing of thee, O Luminary!

We fall down before thee, O father Sava!

Pray, we beseech thee, for the salvation of those that keep thy holy memory.


Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email

Both prayers from Akathists