Prayer to St. Peter Metropolitan of Kiev and Moscow

Dec 21, Aug 24

O great hierarch, most glorious wonder-worker, thou whose See was the first capital of the Church of Russia, thou protector of the city of Moscow, and sincere intercessor for us all, our father Peter!

In humility we fall down and entreat thee: stretch out thy hands to the Lord God, and pray for us, His sinful and unworthy servants, that He might extend His mercies unto us, and send down to us all those gifts of His goodness that are needful unto our temporal life and eternal salvation, and especially to guard us with peace, brotherly love and devotion, from all temptations of our enemy the devil; and may he grant us to be thy true [spiritual] children, not only in name, but in all our way oflife.

We entreat thee, O hierarch of Christ, by thy championship of our cause, to preserve the Orthodox Christians in wellbeing, granting victories over their enemies.

Yea, thou Saint of God, hearken unto us in thy kind-heartedness, and be unto us all a helper and defender in all troubles and temptations; forget us not in the hour of our departure, when we most need thy defense: so that, by the help of thy holy prayers, we too, sinful though we be, attain a good end, and and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, glorifying our God Who is wondrous in His Saints: the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, unto ages of ages. Amen.

From the Akathist to the Hierarch

NOTE: St. Peter has a feast on Dec. 21, which was the date of his repose in 1326 AD, and also a feast on Aug. 24, the transfer of his relics in 1479. The same prayer is given for both

Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email

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