Prayer to St. Mitrophan, first Bishop of Voronezh

Nov. 23

O most praiseworthy hierarch of Christ and Wonderworker, Mitrophan!

Receive this humble prayer of us sinners, who take refuge in thee,

and in thy loving intercession pray our Lord and God Jesus Christ,

that, regarding us in His mercy, He may grant us pardon of our sins voluntary and involuntary,

and in His loving kindness deliver us from the troubles, sorrows, and ills of soul and body that beset us;

that He may grant us to complete this temporal life in repentance,

and that He may vouchsafe unto us, sinful and unworthy though we be, His heavenly Kingdom:

so that, with all the Saints, we may glorify His endless mercy,

with His Unoriginate Father, and His Holy, and Life-creating Spirit, unto ages of ages.


Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email