Prayer to Holy Grand Duchess Olga, Equal-to-the-Apostles
July 11

O, holy Grand Duchess Olga, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Russia's first Saint;
warm Intercessor who prayest to God for us!
To thee do we turn with faith and we pray with love:
be thou for us, in all things, a helper unto good; and,
as in this temporary life thou didst take pains to enlighten our forefathers
with the light of the Holy Faith and to teach them to do the Lord's will,
so do thou now, dwelling in the brightness of Heaven, by thy prayers which are pleasing unto God,
aid us in the enlightenment of our minds and hearts with the light of Christ's Gospel,
so that we may grow in the Faith, devotion and love of Christ.
Console those in poverty and sorrow,
extend the hand of help to those that are in want,
defend those that are troubled and tempted;
bring to their senses those that have strayed from the True Faith and been blinded by heresies;
and ask for us of God Who is all-generous,
all those things that are needful for us in this life and in the life to come;
so that, having lived here as is pleasing unto God,
we may be found worthy to inherit the eternal good things in the unending Kingdom of Christ our God,
to Whom, with the Father and Holy Spirit, belong all glory, honour and worship,
always, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

From an Akathist published by the Moscow Synodal Press in 1911. "Polny Sbornik Molitv", pp. 194-195.
Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email

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