The Holy Prophet Elias (Elijah)
July 20 (Aug 2 Civil)

< O most praiseworthy and glorious Prophet of God, Elias, who didst shine on earth by thine angel-like way of life, by flaming zeal towards the Lord God Almighty, as well as by splendid signs and wonders, and then, through the special good will of God to thee, wast taken up together with thy flesh to heaven in the chariot of fire, and wast granted to speak with the Transfigured Saviour of the World on Mt. Tabor, and now, in the habitations of Paradise standest ever before the throne of the heavenly King! Hear us, sinful and unprofitable though we be, who now pray before thy holy icon and earnestly seek refuge in thine intercessions. Pray for us to God Who loveth mankind, that He might give us the spirit of repentance and contrition for our sins, and by His Almighty Grace, help us to leave the paths of wickedness, and to prosper in all good things; that He strengthen us in the battle with our passions and wants; that He plant in our hearts the spirit of humility and meekness, the spirit of brotherly love and mildness, the spirit of patience and chastity, the spirit of zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of our neighbor. Drive out by thy prayers, O Prophet, the evil habits of the world, and moreover the ruinous and corrupting spirit of this age, which contaminates the Christian people with lack of respect for the divine Orthodox faith and the order of the Holy Church and the Lord's Commandments; with disrespect for parents and those in authority, and which casts people down into the pit of unrighteousness, perversion and ruin. Turn away from us, most glorious Prophet, by thine intercession, the rightful anger of God, and deliver all our cities and towns from drought and famine, from fearsome storms and earthquakes, from dealy contagion and illness, from the attacks of outsiders and from civil strife. Strengthen by thy prayers the Orthodox Christians, and ask, O Prophet of God, that the Lord will give our pastors a holy zeal for God, heartfelt concern for the salvation of the flock, wisdom in teaching and direction, devotion and strength in temptations; that judges may not be hypocritical nor corrupt, but show righteousness and sympathy to those who have suffered; that all in civil authority may show concern to those under them, mercy and justice; that civil servants may fulfill their duties rightfully; so that, having lived in peace and devoutness in this world, we may be found worthy to be communicants of the eternal good things in the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to Whom belongeth honor and worship, together with His Unoriginate Father, and the Most Holy Spirit, for ages of ages. Amen.

From an Akathist - "Polny Sbornik Molitv", pp. 204-205.