Prayer to St John Chrysostom

Commemorated Nov. 13 and Jan. 27

(From an Akathist)

O great Hierarch John Chrysostom!

Thou hast received many and various gifts from the Lord, and, as a good and faithful servant, hast shown good increase of all the talants given to thee: for this cause thou wast truly a teacher of the universe, for every age and calling learneth from thee. Thou art a model of obedience for children, a luminary of chastity for the young, an teacher of industry to grown men, an instructor of forgiveness to the aged, a rule of abstinence for monastics, a leader inspired by God for those at prayer, an enlightener of the mind for those who seek wisdom, an inexhaustible source of the living Word for well-spoken orators, a star of mercy for the charitable, a model of wise rule for those in authority, an inspiration to boldness for those zealous in the truth, a teacher of patience for those persecuted for truth's sake: thou art become all to all, so that in any way thou mightest save some. But above all these, thou hast sought after love, which is the bond of perfection, and by that as by Divine power thou hast united all these gifts into one in thyself; and the same love, which reconciles the divided, thou hast preached unto all the faithful in expounding the words of the Apostles.

As for us sinners, each having our own gifts, we lack the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace; we are vain, provoking one another, envying one another: therefore our divided gifts come not unto peace and salvation, but rather unto enmity and to our judgment. For this cause we fall down before thee, O hierarch of God, in the grip of dissensions, and in contrition of heart we ask: By thy prayers, drive away from our hearts all pride and envy that divide us, so that in many members there may be one churchly Body, and so that according to the word of thy Prayer we may love one another and in one accord confess the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity One in Essence and Undivided: now and ever, and unto ages of ages.


Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email