Akathist Prayer to St. Basil the Blessed

From "Polny Sbornik Molitv" -- pp. 219-220.

< O great Saint of Christ, true friend and faithful servant of the Lord God and Creator of All, Basil the most blessed! Hearken unto us of many sins, who now cry out to thee and call upon thy holy name; have mercy on us, who fall down today before thy holy image, and accept this our meager and unworthy prayer; take pity on our lack, and by thy prayers heal every ill and infirmity of our sinful souls and bodies, and grant us to run the course of this life unharmed by enemies visible and invisible, and without sin, and to attain unto a Christian end without shame, in peace, untroubled, and to obtain the Kingdom of Heaven together with all the Saints, unto ages of ages. Amen. <