PRAYER on the Synaxis of the Apostles

June 30

O Almighty Master, Lord our God, Who didst choose Thy beloved Disciples and Apostles for the preaching of salvation to the whole world, and didst give them power to loose sins: accept their intercessions for the human race, which Thou wilt judge with them: for we, unworthy though we be, make bold to ask them to make entreaty for us, as Thy friends, and most honourable in our sight; for much availeth the prayer of the righteous for our souls' salvation.

Ye holy Chief Apostles, Peter and Paul, Evangelists of Christ John the Theologian and Matthew, Andrew the First-Called [Disciple] who implanted the Cross as a blessing in Russia; ye holy Apostles James the Brother of the Lord, with the other James; Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Simon, Judah and Matthias!

All ye holy Apostles, chosen of God, ye that were especially pleasing unto Christ, who rooted out godlessness and planted the True Faith, help us by your powerful intercession before the Lord, that we may be delivered from every evil and wile of the enemy; that we may be firm in keeping the Orthodox Faith committed unto you, in which [Faith], by your prayers, we be not lessened through wounds, nor curses, nor widespread mortality, nor by any wrath separated from our Creator; but living a peaceful life here, may be found worthy to see the good things in the

Land of the Living, glorifying the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages.

This is the prayer for June 30 OS, the Synaxis of the Apostles, but is also appropriate for those Apostles named in it (such as Ss. Philip or Matthew)

From a service to the Apostles

"Full Collection of Prayers", St. Petersburg 1914, pp. 183-184.

Provided by Priest John Shaw