Prayer on the Sunday of the Last Judgment

Meatfare Sunday

Receive our unworthy prayers, O Christ our God, as Thou didst accept the tears and the myrrh of the harlot,

and be Thou entreated by our songs of praise, as by her kisses,

and grant us a good conversion, like hers, unto Thee, bestowing upon us, as to her, the remission of our sins;

and as Thou didst not reject her that touched Thy most pure feet, so too cast us not off who fall down at the unseen feet of Thy merciful kindness:

and as Thou didst not send her away in shame when she confessed Thee, the Knower of Hearts, neither cause us, who confess our hidden sins, to be shamed before Angels and men at Thy dread Judgment:

but rather make us heirs of eternal forgiveness, and of Thine incorruptible glory.

For Thou art merciful, and glorified together with Thy Father Who is from all ages, and Thine All-Holy, and Good, and Life-creating Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Provided by Fr John Shaw, via email

(Orlov, Prayer No. 53, p. 328)