A Prayer on the Feast of the Procession of the Venerable Wood
of the Lifegiving Cross of the Lord (1164 A.D.)

< O Master, holy Lord, Who dwellest on high and with Thine all-seeing eye lookest down upon all creation: To Thee we bow down in soul and body; to Thee do we pray, O Holy of Holies: stretch forth Thine invisible hand from Thy holy dwelling-place, and bless us all, and forgive us every transgression whether voluntary or involuntary, whether of word or deed, that we have committed. < Grant us, O Lord, heartfelt contrition, grant us the tears of a contrite soul unto the cleansing of our many sins; bestow Thy great mercy upon Thy world and upon us, Thine unworthy servants: for blessed and glorified is Thy name, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

This prayer is read in the Moscow River Chapel. It also coincides in part with an ancient Ambon Prayer