On Remembrance of Death, Hell, and Judgment

When God brings the new day, let us think that it is our last day and that when the sun sets we shall depart to the judgement seat of Christ. How should we spend our last day? In silence, prayer, obedience, tears, and repentance, begging God to be merciful!

Likewise at night, we should think that it is our last night, and our bed will be our tomb! Each one of us should think, "Ah, how will I pass through all the toll-houses? I wonder, will I pass through them? Who knows which one will stop me? How will I look at the fearful face of the just Judge? How will I hear His frightful voice of reproof ? What terror will seize me until I hear the eternal decision regarding where I shall be placed! And what if I am sent to hell---and justly so! Woe to my wretched soul! How will I be patient as I am punished with the demons in the darkness, in the filth, with no light, with no consolation at all -- only the sight of demons and nothing else!"

We should ponder these and many other things every day and night, living them as if they were our last! For we do not know when the telegram will come from God's headquarters, from the capital, the Jerusalem above.

From a post to catechesis @yahoogroups.com, Dec 12 2001

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