The Problem with Western Society

Western People today often live disengaged lives.

Because science has replaced religion as the system which explains everything, faith has ceased to engage with the problems and issues of life, and has become a purely personal ethic.

People have become so afraid of offending others, at the political and social level as much as the religious, that they rarely do anything.

People live lives of such bewildering complexity or monotonous repetitiveness, that life ceases to reflect the enriching pattern of God's variety. It has become hard to care, hard to see what you can do, and hard to claim that faith is an integrating factor in life.

Intellect and faith hardly ever interact, work reflects only technology, not art, and value for the individual comes only from what he or she does, not is. In its engagement, pragmatism and integrity, and in many other ways, Anglo-Saxon Christianity has much to teach.

from Anglo-Saxon Christianity by Paul Cavill, titles added by webmaster

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