Gospel Lectionary for various Saints and occasions

For every request

Matt., Sec.2O, from the middle (Ch.7:7-11).

For the most holy Theotokos

Luke, Sec.4 (Ch.1:39-49,56).

For the Ailing

Matt., Sec.25 (Ch.8:513).

For the Angels

Luke, Sec.51 (Ch.1O: 16-21). Or: Matt., Sec.52 (Ch.13:24-3O, 36 beginning at the words "and His disciples," and continuing through verse 43).

For a Prophet

Matt., Sec.96 (Ch.23: 29-39). Or: Luke, Sec.62 (Ch.11 :47-12:1).

For an Apostle

Matt, Sec.34 (Ch.9: 36 - 1O:8).

For several Apostles

Luke, Sec.5O (Ch.1O:1-15). Or: Luke, Sec.51 (Ch.1O:16-21).

For one Hierarch

John, Sec.36 (Ch.lo:9-16).

For several Hierarchs

Matt., Sec.11 (Ch.5:14-19). Or: John, Sec. 35, from the middle (Ch.1O:1-9)

For Monks and Fools-for-Christ

Matt., Sec.43 (Ch.1127-3O). Or: Luke, Sec.24 (Ch.6:17-23 through the word "heaven").

For a Martyr

Luke, Sec.63 (Ch.12, 2-12).Or: John,Sec.52 (Ch.15:17-16:2).

For several Martyrs

Matt., Sec.36(ch.lo:16-22).Or: Luke, Sec-1O6 (Ch2l: 12-19).

For a Hieromartyr

Luke, Sec.67 (ch.12:32-4O).

For several Hieromartyrs

Luke, Sec.24 (Ch.6:17-23 through the word "heaven")- Or: Luke, Sec.52 (Ch-1O:22-24) or: Luke,Sec.77 (Ch.1425-35).

For a Monk-martyr

Mark, Sec.37 (Ch-8:34 beginning: "The Lord said: Whosoever will come" through 9:1).

For several Monk-martyrs

Matt.. Sec.38 (Ch.1O:32 - 11:1). Or: Luke, Sec.64 (Ch.12:8-12).

For Women-martyrs

Matt., Sec.62 (Ch.15:21-28). Or: Mark, Sec.21 (Ch.5:24 beginning: "At that time: much people followed Jesus?? through verse 34).

For Nun Saints

Matt., Sec.1O4 (Ch. 25:1-13) * Or: Luke, Sec.64 (Ch.7:36-5O).

For Confessors

Luke, Sec.64 (Ch.12: 8-12).

For Unmercenaries

Matt., Sec.34 (Ch.9:36 - 1O:8).

For the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia

Matt., Sec.36 (Ch.1O:16-22).