9th Sunday of Luke

    • 9th Sunday of Luke (Word DOC format)
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      Parable Of The Rich Man Whose Ground Brought Forth Plentifully
      Luke 12-16-21
    • 9th Sunday of Luke (mp3 format)
    • Parable Of The Harvest Of The Rich Man
      Luke 12-16-21
      SYNOPSIS:The Parable of the Harvest of the Rich man (the rich man whose ground brought forth plentifully) has many pairs of things which are contrasted: 2 kinds of men, of ground, of rooms, of ways to talk to the soul, of goods, or treasure, of wealth. We look at all of them.
    • 9th Sunday of Luke (mp3 format)
    • Parable Of The Harvest Of The Rich Man
      Talking To Ourselves The Remembrance Of Death
      Luke 12-16-21
      SYNOPSIS:The Parable of the Harvest of the Rich man is a teaching on the disastrous effect of keeping our own counsel, and how it makes it impossible for us to have soul saving "remembrabce of death". We explain this important virtue and how the rich man mistook death for life. He equated the love of riches and pleasures, which are death, with life. Let us learn from his example!
    • 9th Sunday of Luke (mp3 format)
    • Parable Harvest Of The Rich Man
      What Shall I Do
      Luke 12-16
      SYNOPSIS:Parable of the Harvest of the Rich Man. What was his greatest sin? It was not greed or not caring for the poor. It was something more basic than that. We must learn to know what is life, and what is death. If God is an abstraction to us, we take our own counsel as the rich man did, and choose death over life.
    • The Harvest of the Rich Man, and the Deep Heart. Who are you, and what does your life consist of? (mp3 format)
    • Luke 12:16-21 : Psalm 65:6 (Sept)
      SYNOPSIS:Man was made to know God and even to contain God within his deep heart. A manís life consists of completely and only this. The parable of the Harvest of the Rich Man shows a man who does not know who he is, or what his life consists of, who squanders his deep heart (Ps 65:6), numbering his produce and asking counsel only from himself. Letís discuss what a manís life consists of and what he can and cannot possess and the things in life that he should and should not number.

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