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They had to bury Fr. Nicetas… They dismantled the floor in one of the rooms in which Fr. Nicetas died and hastily dug out a grave for him under the floor. His parishioners came from the backwoods to say goodbye to their batyushka. There were so many of them that the neighbours were begin to notice something. They had to hurry. They made a coffin for batyushka and to the whispered chant, "With the souls of the righteous who have fallen asleep…", they lowered him into the grave. Of course, the mistress of the house was especially worried, but they calmed her, saying: "Have no fear, the Lord preserved him for 40 years, he'll preserve him now."

There was no reason to fear. The burial was carried out without interruption and the house was put back in order. At night the mistress of the house clearly heard angelic chanting in the place under the floor when Fr. Nicetas was buried…

For nine months Fr. Nicetas remained under the floor. Then Vladyka Anthony ordered that his body be taken to the cemetery, which was done late in the autumn. (Source: "I vrata adovy nye odoleyut yeyo…", Suzdal'skiye Eparkhial'niye Vedomosti, N 4, June-July, 1998, pp. 32-40; N 5, September-November, 1998, pp. 35-40; N 6, December, 1998 - February, 1999, pp. 37-40)

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Entire Story in one File  | Page  1   2   3    

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