Hieromartyr Mark, Bishop Of Vladivostok

Bishop Mark (Bakaldin) graduated from Kazan Theological Academy in 1914. In 1917 he was placed in charge of the Pastoral Missionary Courses in Perm. He was consecrated Bishop of Vladivostok and Selenginsk in 1920. In 1922 he was arrested. Nothing more is known about him.

(Sources: Lev Regelson, Tragediya Russkoj Tserkvi, 1917-1945, Paris: YMCA Press, 1977, p. 528; M.E. Gubonin, Akty Svyateishago Patriarkha Tikhona, Moscow: St. Tikhon's Theological Institute, 1994, p. 980; Russkiye Pravoslavnye Ierarkhi, Paris: YMCA Press, 1986, p. 48)

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