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Who were the Herodians?







"Who were the Herodians? They were either soldiers of Hereod, or adherents to a newly appeared heresy which taught that Herod himself was the messiah, because with him the succession of Judiac kings had come to an end. For the prophecy of Jacob clearly stated that when the line of princes from Judah would fail, then the Christ would come. Therefore since there was no Judaic prince during Herod's years, and Herod, a native of Idumea, ruled as a foreigner, there were those who thought that he was the messiah. They formed a heretical faction, and it was they who were attempting to kill the Lord." (Blessed Theophylact, Commentary on Mark)



Why did Jesus withdraw?







"But the Lord withdrew, for it was not yet time for the Passion. But He also withdrew from those ungrateful ones so that He might do good to others as well." (Blessed Theophylact, Commentary on Mark)



Why did He withdraw and tel the former demoniacs to not proclaim their healing?







"Jesus withdrew himself with his disciples to the sea; He fled from their treachery, because the hour of His passion had not yet come, and no place away from Jerusalem was proper for His Passion." (Venerabel Bede)


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