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We hear nothing of the Holy Prophet Elias, until, in a mysterious way, he appeared, subsequently, there would be other even more wondrous appearances and disappearances), made a bold pronouncement to an apostate king, which came true, during which this time, he lived by a brook, and was fed in a wondrous way.

  1. In which book does the Holy Prophet Elias first appear?
  2. If you did not have a bible handy, but were in the church, where could you find the most important stories about the Holy Prophet?
  3. What appellation was given to the Holy Prophet? What does it mean?
  4. Who was the king?
  5. What did Elias tell him, and why?
  6. What was the brook?
  7. How was the prophet fed in a wondrous way?
  8. The Holy Prophet continually showed in his actions great zeal great fearlessness and unconcern for his personal circumstances, because of his great faith in God. We stand in awe of his exploits and intimacy before God, and have much to learn from him. What does the order of events (the holy prophet rebuking Achab, foretelling a serious drought, and then being told of where to go during the drought) teach us?


During the drought the Holy Prophet lived by the brook as the Lord commanded him, until it dried up. Then the Lord told him to go to another place to meet a certain person, for his sustenance.

  1. Who was this person?
  2. Describe their meeting and the miracle that occurred.


The Holy Prophet was much loved by the small family, who were his benefactors, and he stayed with them for a long while. "And it came to pass", as the Holy Scripture puts it, that a great calamity befell the family, and the Holy prophet worked a great miracle by the power of his bold prayer.

  1. What was the calamity?
  2. What was the reaction of the mother?
  3. The Holy prophet did more than pray. His actions mystically pointed to the cross and resurrection. How?
  4. In answering these questions, describe the miracle in detail.


We must yet tarry a little which on the great miracle of Elias regarding the widow's son. His successor also performed such a miracle, and in this case, the cross and resurrection were even more strongly and unmistakably prefigured. Describe it. How was the cross so strongly prefigured? What do we mean by "prefigured" anyway? What is a another word, which is used to mean the same thing as a "prefigurement"?


After the drought had lasted many days the Holy prophet was told to again confront the apostate king. What was his bold denunciation, and orders to the king? Describe Elias' great miracle, which put to shame the apostate followers of idols, after which it rained.


After the Holy Prophet brought rain and destroyed the prophets of Baal, he received a message. What was it, and what did he do? Elias became depressed. Why? What did the Lord do, and where did Elias go? What did the meals that he ate foreshadow? When he reached a certain place, God manifested Himself to him intimately. Describe the experience. Has it anything to teach us?


There are many unique aspects to the life of the Prophet Elias (aka "Elijah"). He shares a very unique status with only three other human beings that have ever walked the earth. Who are the others, and what is the "status"?


The holy Prophet Elias is known far and wide for his powerful intercessions, especially concerning which two things? Speculate why.


"The angel in the flesh, the foundation of the prophets, the second forerunner of the Coming of Christ, the glorious Elijah from on High sent down grace upon Elisha to dispel infirmities and cleanse lepers. Wherefore, he poureth fourth healings upon them that honor him" Troparion for Elijah

The Holy prophet is called in his troparion a "second forerunner of the Coming of Christ."

  1. Why?
  2. Who was the "first" forerunner of the coming of Christ?
  3. Did the Jews understand this about Elias? What is the proof?


Have the so called Orthodox ecumenists of this age of compromise anything that they should learn from the Holy Prophet Elias? Do you think that his type of piety would offend them? Why or why not?

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