May 26

From the Prologue

This martyr of Christ was born in Thessalonica at the time of the great tyranny of the Turks over this city. As a young man, he was deceived by the Turks and became a Muslim. In the beginning, he did not have any pangs of conscience for such an act and he departed on a pilgrimage with other Muslims and became a dervish. But, as a dervish in Thessalonica, he began to repent bitterly. During his repentance, the thought came to him that he, in no way, can wash away the horrible sin of apostasy from Christ except through his own blood. Therefore, when he repented and decided in favor of martyrdom, he declared himself a Christian before the Turks. The Turks cast him into prison and subjected him to various tortures. But, Alexander only cried out: "I was born a Christian and as a Christian I want to die." Finally, the Turks condemned him to death for which the repentant Alexander greatly rejoiced, recognizing from this condemnation that his sins were forgiven and that God accepted his sacrifice. Alexander was beheaded in Smyrna in the year 1794 A.D., and was glorified in both the heavenly and the earthly Church.



The Holy Apostles, a company small,

With heavenly light, illumined the world.

On the wings of the Spirit, covered the world,

That with the same wings, they would gift to the world.

To palaces, shacks and mountains, they went,

Crossed the sea and on the road [they] perspired;

For them each day, a new battle and suffering was,

Wrestling with the world, battle without moaning.

Each day different, but the thought the same,

Thought on Christ and the vision of Christ.

What sort of day it will be, to them it was all the same,

Either in a palace or in prison to spend the night

Just to uphold Christ, in themselves,

And with Him to quickly cover the earth.

Whatever kind of lunch or dinner, it was all the same,

Only that the Faith, throughout the world shines.

Honors or blows, to them it is all the same,

Only that Christ, over the world reigns.

Over them, winged angels hover

And, as to their own brothers, they rejoiced in them.

Apostles holy, sons of God

Pillars of the Church on the foundation of Christ,

Even now, they labor and build up the Church

Although as suns, in heaven they shine.

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