May 11

From the Prologue

This great hierarch was a Serb by birth. He lived a life of asceticism on Holy

Mt. Athos and was abbot of Hilendar Monastery. Following the death of Sava III, he was elected as the Archbishop of "All the Serbs and the Coastal Lands" in the year 1317 A.D. Nicodemus crowned King Milutin in the year 1321 A.D. He translated the Jerusalem Typikon into Serbian. [The Typikon is a book containing the rubrics (directions) for the celebration of the Divine Mysteries and other offices of the Orthodox Church.] In the introduction of this book, Nicodemus says: "Almighty God, Who knows our weaknesses, will give us spiritual strength, but only if we first display effort." He sincerely loved the ascetical life and labored to strengthen it throughout the Serbian land. He labored relentlessly to uproot the Bogomil heresy and to strengthen the Orthodox Faith. He died in the Lord in the year 1325 A.D. His miracle-working relics repose in the monastery in Pec.



The Muslim leaders asked Cyril

What kind of three persons in God, were?

If God is one, from where three persons?

Our God is one, yours is three!

Cyril replies: It is not that way, it is not,

But, as the shining sun which warms at noon,

And light, warmth, its cycle has,

But a pale picture of the Divine Triade, that is,

One in essence and three divine persons

Through Christ, this truth is revealed.

Never, will a mortal man comprehend this

God Himself revealed this; this the Church teaches.

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