May 7

From the Prologue

In the sixth century and two hundred years after St. Nina preached the Good News in Georgia, the All-Holy Mother of God appeared to John, an Antiochian ascetic, and commanded that he select twelve of his disciples and go to Georgia to strengthen the Faith of Orthodoxy. And so he did. Arriving in Georgia, these twelve missionaries were solemnly received by the prince of that country and the Catholicos Eulalius and immediately began their work with zeal. The people gathered around them in masses and they strengthened them in the Faith with great wisdom and many miracles. The head of these Christ-loving missionaries was St. John Zedazneli and the names of the others were: Abidus, Anthony, David, Zeno, Thaddeus, Jesse, Isderius, Joseph, Michael, Pyrrus, Stephen and Shio. With apostolic zeal they all confirmed the Faith of Christ in Georgia, established many monasteries and left many disciples after them. Thus, they were made worthy of glory in the heavens and power on earth.



Acacius, soldier of the King Most High

For death, Acacius prepares,

With the incense of prayer, the soul censes;

And the godless judge asks him:

Why does not Christ, the faithful redeem?

Why does He not your tormentors punish,

When, Almighty God, you call Him?

The martyr to him, meekly replies:

Great in mercy, the Lord Christ is,

And in mercy and in patience, long,

Awaits repentance, from the sinner,

And patient suffering from the faithful

If the sinners, He immediately punished

How would His mercy, He proclaim?

And the righteous, if they would not suffer

By what would they show the power of God?

And by what would they before the world shine?

The word said - the head beheaded

Into Paradise, the soul ascended.

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