June 13

From the Prologue

Taken as an orphan into the home of a nobleman and cared for as an adopted daughter, Anna was raised and educated in that home. As a worthy maiden, this nobleman wed her to his son. When the elder nobleman died, the relatives pressed his son to release his wife because of her lowly birth and to marry another whom, according to origin and wealth, would be more suitable for him. The nobleman's son feared God and did not want to do this. Seeing her husband in conflict with his relatives, Anna secretly left him and fled to a distant island where there was not a living soul. Arriving at this island pregnant and soon to bear a child, Anna lived a life of asceticism for thirty years in fasting and prayer. Then, according to God's Providence, a hieromonk landed on this island, baptized her son and gave him the name of John. This holy soul Anna lived a life of asceticism in the fifth century and died peacefully.



Saint Triphyllius while yet a deacon was he,

The Psalter and the Gospels he read;

And with a sweet voice, to the people he humbly read,

And Spiridon holy, attentively listened.

Once when in church, crowded with people

The chapter on the Paralytic he beautifully read,

How the gentle Lord, the sick one saw,

"Take up your pallet," said He and the sick one departed.

Triphyllius, the word pallet, with the word "lair" substituted,

Then, said Spiridon: "My son, come to me!"

How, my dear deacon, do you change words,

The word which our gentle Savior uttered?

The word pallet from His mouth came

And "lair" you said, His word you omitted!

My son, this is a Book from on High inspired,

Therefore, everything as it is written in it, let us read.

Full of power, the Gospel words are

And weak and decayed human words are.

The pallet of man is not the same as a "beastly lair,"

Therefore, my son, say God forgive me!

Triphyllius the deacon, his error realized,

Bitterly repented and was much ashamed.

Triphyllius blessed, because of his spiritual father

Saint Spiridon, glorious miracle-worker.

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