July 30

From the Prologue

Angelina was a Serbian Princess [Despotica]. Her relics repose in the Monastery Krusedol (December 12).



The pagan ruler, the terrible Emperor Decius,

In fury cried out: O Polychronius,

Why do you not honor the gods of Rome, O Elder?

Royal commands, why do you not want to hear?

But the saint remains silent, nothing does he speak.

Again the emperor asks him and the saint does not speak.

This man is a mute! Decius concluded.

Our father is not a mute, Parmenius said,

Does not want to speak but keeps his mouth pure,

Keeps his mouth pure according to the command of Christ:

Do not cast your pearls before swine,

Do not give to the dogs; divine things!

The saint keeps the pearl, keeps it in himself,

So as not to soil his mouth speaking to you.

Decius infuriated as never before in his life,

Ordered that Parmenius' tongue be severed.

They severed his tongue. But to him, what does that mean

The speech of the saint became more beautiful and stronger?

That, the Lord battles for His zealous servants.

Keeps them from shame and the mockery of men.

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