July 17

From the Prologue

From his youth this Russian saint lived a spiritual life of asceticism in several monasteries in Solovetz, Mirozh as well as elsewhere. Finally, he founded his own monastery along the Luza River in the province of Vologda. He lived a strict life of mortification until his soul was filled with the light of grace and the power of the Holy Spirit. As a beacon, Leonid attracted many to the ascetical life of mortification. He is called Ustnedum, because at one time when he was bitten by a poisonous serpent, he did not want either to think or to talk about it and he remained alive. Pleasing God in all things, Leonid died peacefully on July 17, 1653 A.D. His relics repose in his monastery.



Saint Marina, to the Lord prayed,

And with warm tears, she strengthened her prayers;

Lord Jesus, my God and my Savior,

Everyone who in You hope, You help.

Be near me, near to my soul,

When the unbelievers begin my body to destroy,

Be near me, O Strength of martyrs,

That, without fear and screams, I endure pains.

Before the hungry wolves, as sheep I stand,

As a lonely bird before many hunters,

As a miserable fish snared by the net

But, the Lord of salvation, to You I gaze!

My body, as a cheap sack, let them tear apart,

O Christ, You will I not deny;

Then all decaying pleasures, with You sufferings I like,

Only to Your authority, O Savior I bow down

Conqueror of death, the devil and Hades,

These victories now, through me repeat!

For all, Lord and Savior, to You thanks,

That You help everyone who hopes in You.

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