July 15

From the Prologue

Saint Julitta was of noble birth. She was widowed at an early age with her newborn child Cyriacus. She lived in Iconium in the town of Lycaonia and was completely devoted to the Faith of Christ. She immediately baptized her son after his birth and when he was three years old instructed him in the Faith and taught him to pray as much as a child of that age was capable. When Diocletian decreed the persecution of the Christians in the town of Iconium, much innocent blood was shed. Julitta took her son and hid from the wrath of the heathen in the city of Seleucid. It was not any better there. Julitta was arrested and, as a Christian, was brought before the judge. Since Julitta courageously confessed her faith in the Lord Jesus, the judge, in order to make her feel sorrow and cause her to waver, took the child in his arms and began to caress him. Cyriacus cried out loudly: "I am a Christian, release me to my mother!" Cyriacus turning his face away from the judge began to scratch him with his hands. The judge became so enraged that he hurled the child to the ground and pushed him with his feet. The child slid along the stone stairs and gave up his holy and innocent soul to God. Seeing how Cyriacus suffered before her eyes, St. Julitta was joyful and gave thanks to God because He made her son worthy of the martyr's wreath. After much suffering, Julitta was beheaded in the year 304 A.D. The relics of Saints Cyriacus and Julitta, even today, are miracle working. Part of the relics of these saints is to be found in Ohrid in the hospital chapel of the Holy Birth-giver of God.

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