July 14

From the Prologue

Hellius was an Egyptian monk of the fourth century. From his early youth he dedicated himself to monastic asceticism in the wilderness, that by his life and powerful miracles, he stirred the astonishment of monks and laity alike and even though he fled the glory of men, he was unable to conceal himself. He endured great struggles with the temptations of the devil, especially during the time of prolong fasting. One time, the devil offered him honey and another time delicious apples but Hellius did not allow himself to be deceived. He was able to discern the hearts of men, was able to discern everyone's passion and thought, not in order to show his inner knowledge, but to correct men.



The torch of light from the heavens descended

Into the hearts of the apostles entered first,

With it, the apostles enlightened men,

By it, their successors are strengthened.

And with this torch, Saint Aquila

Spiritually enlightened by the great Paul

And Blessed Priscilla, his faithful wife,

Their entire house, the power of the Cross filled.

Evil and vain amusements, they abandoned

Into the world, on the work of the Lord they embarked.

Assisted Paul, solitary prisoner

Willingly assisted Saint Apollos

And to Timothy, Paul's child;

Brought many to the flock of Christ.

Blessed are the sacrifices of Blessed Priscilla,

Blessed are the wounds of Saint Aquila,

Good fruit, they bore all over

Laborers, inherited the Kingdom of God.

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