July 13

From the Prologue

As a young maiden, Sarah withdrew to live a life of austere mortification and for sixty years lived a life of asceticism on the shores of the Nile river not far from Alexandria. By her example she attracted many women to the monastic life. She found rest in the Lord in the year 370 A.D.



When St. Julian passed away,

Wonderful shepherd of Christ's flock,

His spiritual child, Prince Defenson,

With the noblemen was at lunch,

At lunch in the middle of the day.

All at once, the prince stared,

An apparition unusual, he saw:

In the middle of the room, Julian stood,

In vesture, gilded with gold

As a bishop in the temple of God,

In an unusual light;

With a smile, looked at the prince.

Beside him, three deacons radiant,

With tapers in white hands

That apparition shown and disappeared,

Frightened, the prince leaped to his feet,

To his noblemen spoke:

"Behold, I saw Father Julian,

The saint, our baptizer

Could be that he, from his soul, departed

Into the Heavenly Kingdom moved."

And on the road the prince set out,

Until, in the home of Julian he arrived,

And as he arrived, so he learned,

His soul to God, Julian presented.

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