July 9

From the Prologue

Emperor Julian the Apostate tortured Patermuthius and Copres. Patermuthius was seventy-five years old and Copres was forty-five years old. The emperor succeeded in turning Copres away from the Faith of Christ and persuaded him to embrace the idols. The apostate Copres cried out: "I am Julian's, not Christ's." But when the aged Patermuthius rebuked him and reminded him of eternal torments, Copres came to his senses and cried out before the emperor: "I am Christ's and not Julian's." Both were beheaded. Also beheaded with them was Alexander, one of the emperor's soldiers who, witnessing their bravery in suffering, became a Christian. They honorably suffered for Christ and to Christ they went in the year 361 A.D.

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