January 22

From the Prologue

Anastasius was a Persian by birth. His pagan name was Magundat. When Emperor Heraclius warred with the Persians, Magundat deserted to the Christians, went to Jerusalem where he was baptized and received the name Anastasius. It was not enough for him to be baptized, but, in order to give himself completely to serving the Lord he was also tonsured a monk. Among his other mortifications, Anastasius joyfully read the hagiography of the holy martyrs and in reading them he moistened the book with his tears and ardently yearned for martyrdom. The Lord finally crowned him with the martyr's wreath. In prison for a long time, he was cruelly tortured, until Emperor Chozroes pronounced the death sentence. After that death sentence, Anastasius was suffocated under water and after being removed from the water, the executioner beheaded him and sent his head to the emperor. He suffered on January 22, 628 A.D., in the town of Bethsaloe near Nineveh.



Holy Apostles warmed by the Spirit,

Spiritual athletes, illumined by the Spirit,

By the victory of Christ, they conquered the world,

They conquered the world and established the Church.

As giant eagles, they flew mightily,

In torment and in death, they raced bravely;

From the world, they easily departed,

From Christ, they were never able to separate.

Their love for Christ separated them from everything,

Their love for Christ glorified them for all ages.

They were ridiculed at times, by worldly tyrants,

Now, they are crowned with the glow of eternal day:

Ridiculed at times, by worldly sages,

And now, brothers of angels and leaders of the saints!

Pray for us, O eagles of Christ,

So that Christ may restore us sinners with the Spirit.

Saint Timothy, star among stars,

Help even us by your prayers.

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