January 8

From the Prologue

Gregory was a devout teacher and shepherd of Christ's flock. He died in the year 1012 A.D. In one of the inscriptions in the Church of St. Sophia in Ohrid, he is referred to as "Gregory, the all-wise."



Bound by marriage, more bound with Christ,

A spiritual union, a union more lasting.

In the Book of the Living, their names the Spirit wrote:

"Brother Julian and Sister Basilissa."

Forsook all and after Christ they followed,

And when the hour chimes, their lives they gave up

For the love of God, the love of the Triune sun,

Glory, they despised, all the glory of the world;

Themselves, they glorified with the love of God;

And a wonderful example to us, they left.

The treasure of the Church, adornment and honor:

The wonder-working blood of these martyrs, wondrous.

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