August 31

From the Prologue

John was a Bulgarian by birth. He came to Kiev in the year 1080 A.D. and immediately attained such esteem that he was soon elevated to the throne of the Metropolitan See. John governed the Church for eight years. He wrote an epistle to Pope Clement in which he reprimanded him because of the innovations, which the Roman Church introduced. He died peacefully in the year 1089 A.D.



Adornment of the Church, pride of Carthage,

Before and after the death of Cyprian the priest,

In word and deed, the faithful, he instructed

The pure and chaste ones, especially praising:

Chastity, says he, is the sanctity of the organs,

From the chains of passions, it is freedom

And the source of purity; the adornment of morality.

The dignity of the body and the cord of modesty,

The peace of a home, chastity is the crown of harmony,

Chastity is silence, the absence of anxiety.

When from the body, the spirit of man withdraws,

And into the realm of its own, it enters,

And of the inner world, perceives the luxury,

Then, the body to interfere, it does not allow

With insane passions, with various desires,

From worries deprived with empty luxury,

Luxury to us, an adorned woman does not proclaim

Rather an impure soul and its sinfulness.

O golden freedom, from desires of vanity,

Precious treasure of only a saint!

Chastity is freedom, chastity is silence,

From the Son of God both are gifts.

O Son of God O Good Lord

Grant us the glory of chastity and freedom.

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