August 13

From the Prologue

Seridus was renowned as the founder of the famous community near Gaza in Palestine. Such glorious fathers as: St. Barsanuphius, John, Abba Dorotheus, Dositheus and others lived a life of asceticism in this community. St. Seridus died in the sixth century and took up habitation in the eternal joy of his Lord.



The hut of a peasant, a saint nurtured,

Him, the Orthodox Church, with the spirit imbued:

Tikhon, the hierarch, as a star shone

And spiritual mysteries, to the world related:

Read Holy Scripture, God, it conceals,

It conceals God, and God it reveals.

The books of the entire world, do not tell more

About God, about you than what the Scripture writes.

Behold, without God, one can not know God

It is in vain to inquire about God, outside of God.

God gives Himself to us, as much as He fits in our mind

Into an egg, one can not pour the sea.

How to save the soul, Holy Scripture teaches

From sin and death and damnation eternal.

He who is drowning, about water, does not ask,

Neither what is it? Nor how? Nor from where does it flow?

Rather, about his salvation only, is concerned

And a secure rock, fearfully seeks.

And the sea of life, stormily agitates

The wise one on this sea, for himself, salvation seeks.

What is this life? Of what is it made?

When death comes upon us, is that so important to know?

On the earth, knowledge and possessions remain,

To the grave, the body and the clothing is given over

The soul, only the soul can still be saved,

Endeavor and pray: help me O God!

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