August 5

From the Prologue

Nonna was the mother of St. Gregory the Theologian. As a Christian, she possessed powerful and miracle-working prayer. By her prayer to God, she converted her husband from heathen stupidity to the Christian Faith. Her husband Gregory later became a bishop in the town of Nazianzus. By prayer Nonna saved her son Gregory the Theologian from a storm. She died peacefully as a deaconess in the year 374 A.D.



Pontius, with his companion Valerian, walked,

But, with sorrow, his heart was overcome.

His father, a senator, his mother also a senator,

But, a bitter enigma, torments his soul;

All worldly wisdom, a fable, to him seemed,

O, where is truth? Truth, he asked for.

Thus, both walked, absorbed in thought

At eventide, along side a Christian church;

Into the church entered and beheld glowing,

Beheld glowing and heard chanting:

Of silver and gold, the gods of the people are

And eyes, have they blind as mud, are they

And ears, have they deaf as a rock are they,

And mouths, have they but the mouths are mute.

Weaker than oneself, the weak ones created,

That is why their creator, as such will also be

And all of them in order, that to them bow down

And foolishly hope in lifeless things

Two sorrowful young men, two slaves of the idols,

Heard these words, both trembled,

Then, the image [icon] of Christ, approached,

To the honorable priest, entrusted their hearts,

What the truth faith is, the priest told them,

And idolatrous service, what it is: vacuous and bloody.

Into the church entered, two young noblemen,

Renown and respected throughout the city of Rome,

Into the church entered, sad and sorrowful,

From the church departed, radiant and joyful.

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