April 29

From the Prologue

From his youth Memnon dedicated himself to fasting, prayer and purified himself so much that he became a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. He healed incurable diseases and worked many other miracles. He appeared on the tempests of the seas and rescued ships from disaster. He died peacefully in the Lord in the second century and took up habitation in the heavenly courts of the Lord.



Saint Basil, one chosen by God,

And of every affliction, wondrous healer,

With the power of your Christ, Whom you greatly loved,

The gravest of the ill, you were able to heal,

Even now, for anyone who honors you, you are able [to do]

And who firmly believe in the Living God.

O glory of the Serbian people, do not cease to help,

For the sinful, do not cease to pray.

In heavenly glory, you are a saint of God

And saints are men with a full healthy spirit,

In you [Basil] we see a true man,

Free from sin and overly filled with healing,

In whom the fire of the Holy Spirit burns,

In whom the love of the resurrected Christ stands.

To the All-powerful God and to you, we are grateful,

Because through you, God pours out abundant mercy,

Through His saint, glorious and of angelic face -

Basil the Serbian, God's chosen one!

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