April 13

From the Prologue

Thomais was born in Alexandria of honorable parents. She was taught piety from her youth. At the age of fifteen, she was married to an honorable man. Her father-in-law was a vile old man and in the absence of his son, attacked his daughter-in-law and desired to seduce her. Becoming terrified, Thomais, in fear reminded her father-in-law of the Law of God and slipped out of his hands. After a prolonged struggle, the father-in-law drew a knife and murdered his daughter-in-law and then cut her in half. At that moment, the punishment of God fell upon him. He was blinded instantly and was unable to find the door from which to leave. Here, in this room, he was apprehended in the act and turned over to the court which sentenced him to death. Thus, Thomais suffered for the Commandment of God regarding spousal fidelity and chastity. After that, many who would be tempted by adulterous passions directed their prayers to St. Thomais and received strong assistance from her. Daniel the great ascetic, translated her relics to the Scete [Monastery] and buried them in the cemetery of the heiromonks [priest-monks]. St. Thomais suffered in the year 476 A.D.



Whoever suffers because of his evil deeds

Does not have a share with the angels:

Whoever suffers for the will of God,

And for the sake of Christ, misfortunes endures,

Either from the faithful or from the unfaithful,

That one, will gaze upon the face of God.

Thomais, handmaiden of God,

According to her heart, was, a true, devoutly-praying person [Bogomoljka].

But, for the sake of God's law, she suffered

From her father-in-law, arrogant.

Leave, O father-in-law, my poor body alone!

Of the Most High God are you not afraid?

The human body, even though it is plain mud

Because of the soul, by God, to us, it is given.

If, with sin, the body we defile, Of our soul, we are breaking the wings,

From the Living God, we are separating it,

And to the unclean one, we give it as a booty.

From passion blind, the father-in-law axed her to pieces;

May God forgive! The righteous one uttered.

But to the murderer, blindness befell -

The two-fold blindman, around Hades crawls.

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