April 11

From the Prologue

Processus and Martinian were jailers in the Roman prison where the Apostles Peter and Paul were imprisoned. Hearing the words and witnessing the miracles of the apostles, they were baptized and released the apostles from prison. The apostles left Rome but the Lord, on His way to Rome, appeared to Peter who asked Him: "Lord where are you going?" [(Wither goest Thou?--Domine Quo Vadis?)] and the Lord answered: "I go to Rome to be crucified a second time." Ashamed, the apostles returned to Rome where they were apprehended and slain. Also slain with the apostles were these two brave martyrs, Processus and Martinian.



In a fiery ox as in a luminous temple

Antipas, the Christian, does not suffer loneliness:

In his pure heart, the Lord abides

Neither the fire burns him neither is he in horror of it

The saint for Christ patiently endures all,

And prayers to Christ from the fire, ascend,

Oh, All-Powerful Christ, King of all ages,

For these sufferings, a hundred-fold thanks be to You!

All in me that is sinful, let burn with fire,

That I be more precious according to heavenly worth.

Oh Savior, I pray to You; my flock protect

In this town, in awful dung!

May my blood strengthen them in the Faith,

And their hearts to You be fixed.

And for the heathen, also, O Blessed One I pray to You

Seize them, once and for all, from demonic lies;

And for all sinners, who ridicule Your law,

Direct them to You, the only One to serve.

Behold, all is within the authority of Your Holy Will,

And finally, to You I pray: may it be better for the Church!

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