April 7

From the Prologue

Because of his great virtues, which he attained through a long and difficult ortification, George was chosen and invested as Metropolitan of Mitylene. This saint governed his spiritual flock prudently and zealously to a ripe old age. When a persecution began under Leo V, the Armenian, who, in destroying holy icons, summoned this saintly elder to Constantinople to an assembly of bishops convened by him and, whose intention it was to discontinue the veneration of icons, George not only refused to carry out the wish of the wicked emperor but with other courageous bishops stood up in defense of holy icons. Not only was he ridiculed for that but he was also banished into exile by the emperor to the region of Cherson. Here he endured all sorts of physical afflictions and deprivations for the remaining years of his life. He died and was translated to eternal life about the year 816 A.D. Because of his great sanctity and love for the Lord Jesus, George was a great miracle-worker, both during his life and after his death.

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