Annual St. Herman of Alaska

Russian Orthodox Youth Conference

December 23 - 28, 1999
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia Convent Novo Diveevo	Holy Virgin Protection Church
Spring Valley, New York	Nyack, New York

At the end of December, around 250 Orthodox young people (mostly high school and college age) will be attending the St. Herman's Youth Conference. This conference is of great value to our youth both in a spiritual sense, and as a chance for Orthodox youth to meet and form life-long friendships.

Conference expenses in the New York metropolitan area are tremendously high. In an effort to make the conference more affordable to our youth, we have set the conference registration fee this year below our cost . We must therefore make up the difference through fundraising efforts.

Please support this worthwhile endeavor. Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

We are also preparing a Program Booklet for the conference attendees. If you wish to place a business or personal ad, kindly refer to the attached fee schedule form.

All donations are fully tax deductible!

Our Orthodox youth thanks you for your support!

Rev. Deacon Serge Arlievsky

Local Organizing Committee

	Make checks payable to:	 St. Herman's Youth Conference

	Mail to:	 St. Herman's Youth Conference

		c/o Fr. Serge Arlievsky

		3 Jockey Ln

		New City, NY 10956-6608

	telephone:	 914 - 634 - 4035
	e-mail:	 travelingtreby@mail.spyral.net

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