Some correspondence from Mother Julianna

Orphanage of St John of Kronstadt, Chile

Posted Nov 13/30 - St Gregory the Wonderworker

Please help the orphanage and children by responding to an appeal for funds , through the Orthodox Benevolent Fund!

A Letter to George Schidlovsky

I have sad news dear Georgy Iliodorovich! The government is ready to rebuild the orphanage before March 2000. When our school term begins. But they put the condition, to give them to rule it! Ja! Ja! I have to knock on other doors. It is a short time indeed. Of course they won't let us have the children, as we are living to day in emergency till 20th December. The sanitary and health condition is out of control. I really do not lose faith. God knows why this was done and what He wants us to do. Only the same people are giving every where. There is need, and everyone is asking for help. I do not think, that we came back from Holy Land, just to close the Orphanage? It does not seem right.

We have collected here $24,340 dollars. You have $12,000 that you mentioned and Peter Nelson has $5,000 so it is $41,340 out of $777,000. Even if we have only $100,000 we can begin by doing one part, with two or three master builders. For I do not want to lose the Orphanage.

May God show His will. Thank you for keeping in touch with us. As humans we are very weak indeed.
Igumen. Iuliania the sinner.

Another Letter, to Deacon James

Reverend Father James, Bless.

I am to answer in the meeting with the Municipality, on Wednesday 13-th, about the help from the R.O.C.A. Till now here we have collected 23.023 doll. And the Synod has answered. Mr. George Shidlovsky, from the appeal, has 12.000 doll. Also Peter Nelson has written to us, that we have 5.000 doll. In total is 40.032. The problem in Chile is the crisis. And the school term will begin again in march. If we could do one story only, the place where the children can sleep, refectory, and W.C. we will need $100.000 to begin with, out of $777,000 in total. I am knocking at all the doors. Please to let us know before that date, how much do we have. Also the feast of the Protection of Virgin Mary is the anniversary of the Orphanage 1967 it was founded. Thank you. Pray for sinful Abbess Juliana, sisters, and children.

The Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church recently collected funds for the orphanage in obedience to Metropolitan Vitaly's recent Ukaz

  • The Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church

  • 75 E 93rd St, New York, NY 10128-1331

The Orthodox Benevolent Fund currently, until Dec 12, 1999, has a $5000.00 matching fund offer to give assistance to the orphanage.

  • Orthodox Benevolent Fund, PO Box 203
    Fly Creek, NY 13337-0203
  • Director: Peter Nelson

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