Matching Funds sought for the Orthodox Benevolent Fund

Till Dec 12 1999

For The St John of Kronstadt Orphanage, Chile

Posted Aug 26/Sep 8 - Martyrs Adrian and Natalie

Updated Oct 1/14 - Protection of the Theotokos
Updated Nov 13/30 - St Gregory the Wonderworker

Correspondence from Mother Julianna, director of the orphanage

The Orthodox Benevolent Fund (OBF) recently had two fundraisers for the worthy causes of the Chilean orphanage and Serbia. A benefactor ( who also offered matching funds for donations to OBF during the past Apostle's Fast) offered at least $6000 in matching funds, split between these worthy causes (with a twist ) All the goals of this offer were met! The benefactor then offered another $5000.00 in matching funds, until Nov 15 1999, for the Orphanage in Chile. This offer was also met!

A third offer is in place, until Dec 12, 1999, offering $5000 in matching funds for the St. John of Kronstadt Orphanage in Chile

The Original Offer:
Chile Orphanage Fire Relief:
Up to $3000.00 will be matched. For every dollar the OBF receives that is earmarked for Chile, two dollars will be sent, making a total of at least $6000.00 dollars.

Decani Monastery Relief Fund Run by Velijko Sikirica of the DC Synodal Cathedral of St John the Baptist
The same $3000.00 matching offer applies. This is a totally separate offer, and does not affect the funds given to the orphanage in Chile, or vice-versa.

The Twist!
To encourage giving by the young to teach them salutary habits early, the benefactor will match $2 for every $1 that is donated by those 12 years old and under.

The Orthodox Benevolent Fund focuses on the worldwide missionary work of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, and  has given assistance to many missions and people, including: 

  • St. John of Kronstadt Orphanage in Chile
  • St. Edward's Brotherhood, England
  • Annunciation Church, Uganda
  • Haiti Mission
  • Bethany Orthodox School
  • Korean Mission
  • Chinese Missionary  Society
  • Puerto Rico Mission
  • Gethsemane Restoration Fund
  • relief for clergy and Orthodox families in need
  • the work of the St. John of Kronstadt Press
  • Books for Russia.
Please send inquiries or donations to: 
  • Orthodox Benevolent Fund, PO Box 203
    Fly Creek, NY 13337-0203
  • Director: Peter Nelson Please indicate donations are for "matching funds"
    for Chile and/or the Decani Monastery relief Fund, if so desired.

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