May 27

From the Prologue

During the reign of the nefarious Emperor Maximilian there lived in Alexandria a virgin Theodora, of noble descent and upbringing. As a Christian, Theodora was brought to trial before the pagans. After a prolonged period of torture for the Faith of Christ, the prince-torturer ordered that she be brought to a place of ill repute and permitted the soldiers to enter and to approach her for the satisfaction of their carnal passions. St. Theodora fervently prayed to God to save her from defilement and while she was praying, a soldier by the name of Didymus came to her and told her that he also is a servant of Christ, dressed her in his military attire and he, in her female attire. Then, he permitted her to leave and he remained in the house of ill repute. Later, he was arrested, brought to trial, admitted that he is a Christian, that he saved Theodora and that he is ready to die for Christ. Didymus was sentenced to death and led to the scaffold. Theodora ran up to him and cried out: "Even though you saved my honor, I did not ask you to save me from death. Yield to me, a martyr's death!" St. Didymus said to her: "My beloved sister, do not prevent me to die for Christ and, by my blood, to wash away my sins!" Hearing this discussion, the pagans sentenced them both to death and both were beheaded and their bodies incinerated. They honorably suffered and both obtained the wreath of eternal glory in the year 304 A.D. at Alexandria.

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