May 16

From the Prologue

St. Gregory the Dialogues speaks about her: she was only nine years old when, on two occasions, the All-Holy Birth-giver of God, surrounded by radiant virgins, appeared to her. When Musa expressed her desire to also be in such a radiant company of the Queen of Heaven, the Birth-giver of God said to her that, in one month, she would return to her and take her. She also instructed Musa how to live for these next thirty days. On the twenty-fifth day, Musa took to her bed. On the thirtieth day, the Holy Most-pure One appeared again calling to her in a soft voice to which Musa answered: "Behold, I am coming O Lady, behold I am coming!", and she gave up her spirit. Musa was translated from this life into life eternal in the fifth century.

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