May 2

From the Prologue

During the reign of Emperor Hardrian (117-138 A.D.), a pagan named Catallus purchased as slaves Hesperus, his wife Zoe and their sons Cyriac and Theodulus. Since they were steadfast Christians, they would not taste anything of the sacrifices to the idols and, that which was offered to them, they tossed to the dogs and they themselves hungered but endured. Learning of this, Catallus became enraged and began to cruelly torture his slaves. At first he tortured the children, but the children remained unwavering in the Faith and, even more, sought harsher torture from their persecutors. Finally, all four were thrown into a fiery furnace where, after prayers of thanksgiving, they gave up their souls to the Lord. Their bodies remained intact and were not consumed by the fire.

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