March 31

From the Prologue

Apollonius was a renowned Egyptian ascetic. In his fifteenth year he renounced the world and withdrew to a mountain where he lived for forty years feeding on vegetation. After that, he established a monastery in which five-hundred monks lived. He died peacefully in the year 395 A.D.



Know the truth, the Lord commands,

Who knows the truth, himself does not allow to be enslaved.

To the faithful, truth gives freedom,

And by truth, the faithful rule over the world.

Falsehood and bondage are as a source and river,

Falsehood, forever in bondage, holds the liar.

Falsehood is the midnight darkness which leads astray

And by this wayward path leads men into the abyss.

Falsehood shackles one with fear, fear from everyone,

From men and the world and demons evil.

Truth is the light which disperses darkness

And grants freedom to the despondent slave,

Freedom from men, freedom from the world,

Freedom from fear and demons cursed.

Who recognizes truth, freedom, that one receives,

With freedom, even authority over all adversaries.

The cradle for freedom, truth prepares,

For without truth, there is not true freedom.

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