March 27

From the Prologue

Paphnutius was a disciple of St. Anthony the Great. By his sanctity of life, Paphnutius converted many sinners to the path of repentance, as did St. Thais, who is commemorated on October 8. Paphnutius resembled an incorporeal angel more than a corporeal man. He died toward the end of the fourth century.



John the Discerner, teacher of humility,

With tears of joy, about humility he spoke:

O beloved children, right-believing children,

The humbler you are, to God more dear

Asceticism, without humility helps not at all,

His soul to the devil, the arrogant one offers.

Your soul, if you empty of self,

The Living God will then fulfill you.

Than God Himself, Who is more humble?

His priority, nowhere does He indicate.

In secret, without clamor, the world He directs,

Therefore, the insane think that He does not even exist.

If the wind would not blow, nor shriek, nor howl,

About it, the insane would also say that it does not exists!

He who has humility, himself reprimands,

In every virtue, that one easily succeeds.

Than the poor in spirit, humility is nothing more,

That is the Savior's blessed teaching:

In yourself, do not have any hope,

In God place all of your hopes,

That is holy humility. Whoever violates it

The darkest destruction for his soul, that one prepares.

The thoughts of all the saints, in that, they are strict

Without much humility, no one is saved!

Joyous is the humble, because God rules with him.

O, beloved children, Being humble is akin to being saved!

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